What to expect when a physical therapist comes to your home?

- During the first visit.

You can expect to feel comfortable and relaxed because you are in the privacy of your own home. To determine what might be the cause(s) of your problem with balance, dizziness, and/or walking, a licensed physical therapist with experience and skill in fall prevention will conduct a comprehensive balance assessment that includes testing of your inner ear function, vision, somatosensory system, strength, flexibility and sensation in your feet. All testing is painless. The testing will take approximately one hour. Depending on how long the testing takes and the severity of your symptoms, treatment might begin immediately.

- What happens next?

Within 24 hrs., a written report will be sent to your referring physician that will include the results of your testing (compared to normal values when applicable), recommendations for treatment/training, and the potential you have to improve your balance, dizziness, walking and to reduce your risk for future falls. With your permission and as a complimentary service, we will also send a copy of the test results to any/all physicians you have seen for your problem with balance, dizziness, and/or walking.

- How long will the physical therapy last?

Each ‘one-on-one’ treatment session will last approximately one hour. Depending on how motivated you are and the severity of your condition, most treatment plans are at least 2 times per week for 6 to 8 weeks. But you enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

- What should I expect from each treatment session? Physical Therapy is a non-invasive and conservative treatment option that has been effective for many. The In Your Home physical therapist will implement an evidenced based treatment approach that has been proven in research, to give you the best chances for maximizing your potential.