Who can NOT benefit from the services of In Your Home Physical Therapy ...

  • Patients who are homebound.  See below for Homebound Criteria.
  • Patients who have no desire to walk better or walk again (e.g. prefer a
  • Patients who prefer equipment-based (sitting/lying) training instead of functional-based (upright) training (i.e. doing knee extensions and leg presses vs stairs, lunges, mini squats)
  • Patients who prefer an open gym setting.



Homebound Criteria (from CMS):

To be homebound a doctor must certify that you’re homebound.  To be homebound means the following:

  • Leaving your home isn’t recommended because of your condition.
  • Your condition keeps you from leaving home without help. 
  • Leaving home takes a considerable and taxing effort.

A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as attending religious services. You can still get home health care services in your home if you attend adult day care.