Who can benefit from the services of In Your Home Physical Therapy ...

Clinical Characteristics:

  • History of Falls (AGS Guideline)
  • Difficulty with walking or balance (AGS Guideline)
  • Anyone the health provider feels is at risk for falls and can benefit from physical therapy (Intrinsic and Extrinsic Risk Factors for Falls) 

'Non-Clinical' Characteristics:

  • Patient prefers a therapist that specializes in balance, dizziness and walking; has the advanced training, skill, and experience to get results.
  • The patient's son or daughter helps them to get up, stands near them when they walk, or holds their hand when they walk.
  • No consistent and reliable means of transportation (i.e. doesn’t drive or relies on others for transportation)
  • Prefers privacy; feels uncomfortable in an open gym and would be more
    comfortable in their home
  • Lack of results in traditional outpatient setting (i.e. have tried outpatient
    clinics and didn’t like it or didn’t complete the treatment plan and subsequently didn’t get the results they were hoping for)